focal laser ablation for prostate cancer

What is Focal Laser Ablation?

Focal Laser Ablation using the BlueLaser™ protocol is an advanced, minimally invasive procedure guided by high resolution magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). We offer our protocol at our Florida and New York locations.

The FDA-approved procedure destroys only the patient’s main prostate tumor (or index tumor) while sparing the remaining healthy tissue. The goal is to control the disease while avoiding collateral damage to sensitive structures that can affect a man’s quality of life.

Not only can the BlueLaser™ Focal Laser Ablation prostate cancer treatment be repeated, but it also allows for re-treatment with other modalities, such as surgery and radiation, if necessary.

Focal laser ablation is:

  • Short: Can be completed in under an hour
  • Simple: No surgery, general anesthesia, or radiation
  • Low-risk: minimal chance of incontinence, impotence, or other side effects
  • Convenient: Recovery is rapid and the procedure is repeatable

How does it work?

Sperling Diagnostic Group, in conjunction with Sperling Prostate Center has developed a simple, proprietary 4-step treatment protocol utilizing our advanced technological capabilities and expertise.

  1. Candidates are qualified for BlueLaser™ treatment based on a detailed prostate map from our multi-parametric MRI, and targeted biopsy of suspicious prostate tissue.
  2. A personalized procedure blueprint is developed based the patient’s prostate anatomy including tumor location, size, stage, and grade of confirmed prostate cancer.
  3. Focal Laser Ablation of the prostate using BlueLaser™ is performed by leading laser expert Dr. Dan Sperling and his staff. During the procedure Dr. Sperling uses real-time MRI to visualize the tumor, guide laser placement, and destroy tumors while protecting healthy tissue surrounding it. Here’s how the procedure works:
    • First, pre-procedure MRI images confirm placement of applicator in the target tissue.
    • Then a thin (1.6mm) laser fiber is placed into the tumor under MRI guidance, in order to heat the tumor. MR images and device software allow the doctor to see the tissue being heated and control how much energy is delivered—for optimal oversight of tumor ablation and healthy tissue preservation.
    • Imaging and special temperature-sensitive software confirm the area of ablation and treatment success.
    • Immediately after treatment, patients meet with Dr. Sperling to go over results before leaving the Center.
  4. Each patient receives detailed information and education about their procedure, along with a comprehensive follow up and care management plan. It includes access to the team of healthcare professionals at both Center locations.

Is Focal Laser Ablation right for you?

For more information on Focal Laser Ablation or to find out if it’s the right treatment path for you, contact us to schedule a consultation.