The sperling difference

An Integrated World of Patient-Centered Imaging and Image-Guided Treatment

The Sperling Diagnostic Center is where the science and art of patient-centered medicine go hand in hand. It is the mission of our staff to deliver the highest standards in image-based disease detection, diagnosis, and image-guided treatments.

In order to accomplish this, we strive for superior performance in the two defining qualities of outstanding patient care: science and art.

The Science of Patient Care

Through unsurpassed imaging technology, we can obtain the highest quality diagnostic images in minimal time time—with maximal patient comfort.

When necessary, we are able to enhance our MRI imaging platform with additional state-of-the-art diagnostic assessments, such as tissue analysis, biomarkers, and genomics.

We also collaborate with global experts for a high degree of confidence in accurate image interpretation and treatment planning and exercise leadership in researching and developing diagnostic tools and forward-looking image-guided treatments

The Art of Medicine

At Sperling Diagnostic Group, we adhere to the highest ethical standards in patient-centered medicine, delivery of care, professional guidelines, and healthcare economics. We strive to foster a welcoming atmosphere of listening and warmth and to educate patients and their loved ones on diagnostic findings and treatment choices by encouraging questions, going over imaging results in language they can understand, and allowing enough time to address concerns.